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Part Description: 135A6481 VetTrends V Plus Monitor - Option 7 BASIC w/ EtCO2 & Agents




The VetTrends VT+6440A Basic Veterinary Patient Monitor with EtCO2 & Anesthetic Agents

All VetTRENDS® V Plus Veterinary Monitors include a high definition color screen, Windows operating system, ECG with dual vector and cascade features, pulse oximetry SpO2 with Nellcor lingual sensor, non-invasive blood pressure, temperature, tabular trends, patient data entry on the monitor, USB storage with specific patient information, and a user replaceable rechargeable lithium ion battery.  Units are also compatible with VetTRENDS® View (features for multiple patient viewing at one central station – requires a Vet View Central System) and VetTRENDS® Cloud (for remote telemedicine features.)

Option 7 adds EtCO2 and Anesthetic Agents to the basic monitor.

Other features can be added at a later date, including the printer. 

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