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Part description: 000A4084 Heat Therapy (water) Pump by Adroit Medical Systems



    The HTP-1500 is the safest and most accurate localized heat therapy system available. Its bright and easy-to-read display provides continuous real-time temperature readings. The digital controller uses proprietary software to manage your prescribed set-point temperature to within one-degree Fahrenheit. Three temperature safety limits guard against the possibility of overheating and the Hi Limit Switches can be tested without taking the unit apart. The HTP-1500 is also Mercury Free. It uses tap water. HTP-1500 is also directly compatible with Hallowell Heated Hard Pad.


Use this table to decided which system is the best for you and your patients.



Operating & Service Manual 



   HTP-1500 T-Pump
 Warranty   1 Year
1 Year 
 Uses Tap Water
 Yes  Yes
 Mercury Free
 Yes  No
 Real Time Display   Yes  No
Temperature Setting
 Digital  Analog
 Flow Rate
 15gph+  9 gph
 Settable Temp Range
 75° to 107°F  50° to 107°F
 IV Pole Mount (option)
 Yes  No
 Bed Bracket  (option)  Yes  Yes
 Mobile Stand (option)
 Yes  Yes
 ASTM Compliant
 Yes  Yes
 UL Approved  Yes  Yes
ULc Approved  Yes  No 
 Internal Hi Limit Checks
 Yes  No



 Soft pad connected to HTP-1500 using adapters supplied with pump. Two Hallowell Heated Hard Pads connected in series 
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